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Escape to the countryside: a change of scene in northern France

A unique holiday cottage in Hornaing

We welcome you to our holiday cottage in the countryside, bordered by forests and the old mining district. You will find our cottage on the outskirts of Hornaing village, about 80 miles from Dunkirk and 90 miles from Calais. The village boasts a bakery and small shops on its main street.

Located in the outbuildings of the former Château de l’Hermitage, the cottage can accommodate up to 5 persons. It has its own entrance, parking spaces and a garden. The living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilets are on the ground floor while the two bedrooms are on the first floor.

You also have access to the rest of the estate. Enjoy a peaceful wander through the centenarian trees and around the pond – but please have some respect for the tranquility of the estate’s other residents: the donkeys will be delighted by your visit, while the sheep and goats are warier but curious nevertheless!

Weather permitting, swimming pool slots are available for guests. Nautical activities on the pond can also be arranged: you’ll have a choice of a small rowing boat, kayak or paddleboard. And if you prefer dry heat, the sauna is waiting for you…

As a general rule the swimming pool (outdoor and unheated) is closed from the end of September to mid-May; though this time frame can vary slightly. From August to November the water level in the pond is too low to allow for water activities to take place.

Entrance to the cottage is via the living room – complete with a dining table and the lounge facing a fireplace dating back to the castle era. The kitchen, in an adjoining room, is fully equipped: ceramic hob, oven, fridge, kettle and coffee-maker as well as crockery and other utensils. A washing machine and a Wi-Fi connection are at your disposal during your stay.

The bathroom has a bathtub and includes the toilets.

The bedrooms are under the eaves, with beautiful exposed beams. Both bedrooms have storage space, a double bed and a single bed. An additional room, in the passage leading to the second bedroom, also has a single bed.

The cottage’s garden is at the back of the living room.

On the Paris-Roubaix cobblestones

We offer a bike rental service, so you can pit yourself against the famous cobblestones of the Paris-Roubaix bicycle race.

As an alternative, you can try one of the Scarpe-Escault Regional Nature Reserve walking paths which intersect close to the cottage.

On the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) cycling route

L’Etang Present makes for a lovely stop on the Camino de Santiago when arriving from Belgium or the Netherlands. Our holiday cottage is located right alongside the cycling route mentioned in the Dutch guide St. Jacobs fietsroute.

For trekkers and touring cyclists, bath towels and bedding are provided for free. Cyclists may be interested to know we also provide free access to a shed to store your bicycles and an air pump to inflate your tyres.

Aquatic wellbeing and the powers of water

A free one-hour slot in either the pool or sauna is included with each night of your stay; additional slots are available for an extra charge.

The rowing boat is at your disposal, while the paddle and kayak can be rented as extra.

To complement your wellbeing stay you can also book naturopathic treatments with us.

Prices list

Two bedrooms, for 5 people

  • per night: 110€
  • from 6 nights: 65€ per night

Accommodation for 6 to 8 people

  • The cottage is comfortable for up to 5 people. However, there are 7 beds.
  • Additional person over 5 people: 10€ per person per night

One bedroom, for 2 people

  • only in low season
  • per night: 80€
  • from 6 nights: 50€ per night
  • third person in the same bedroom: 10€ per night

Early arrivals and late departures

  • Arrival before 4pm (from 8:30am): 40€
  • Departure after 11am (until 6:30pm): 40€

Bedding, towels and cleaning

  • For each bed, a fitted sheet is provided.
  • Bath towels, duvet covers, pillow covers and cleaning are extra: 10€ per person

Trekkers and touring cyclists

  • Bath towels and bedding provided for free
  • Bicycle shed
  • Air pump at your disposal

Bike and SUP / kayak rental

  • Adult bicycle (3 available): 10€ per day
  • Stand Up Paddle / kayak (2 available): 10€ per hour
  • Packages with sliding price scale

Private swimming pool or sauna

  • One free 1-hour slot per night’s stay
  • Extra slots: 20€ per hour


  • Traditional: 6€ per person per night
  • Wellbeing: 9€ per person per night
Alimentation saine bio locale

An example of wellbeing breakfast:
« miam-ô-fruit »


  • cash or bank transfer
  • to pay by credit card, book on GreenGo.